September 12, 2011


Businesses using Comcast phone service are turning to outside 3rd party companies to fix their Call Transfer problems, because Comcast is failing to meet their needs.  The Call Transfer feature is very important because it enables your office staff to patch calls through to employees, partners and vendors regardless of their location “in” or “outside” of the office, or to any of your branch offices, retail stores, or service centers anywhere in the USA.  Call Transfer enables you to give your callers the immediate attention they want and deserve, making your company more competitive, effective, and profitable!

"The Missing Piece You Need"
If the Call Transfer feature on your Comcast phone line is not setup correctly, it will cause your business to lose productivity, efficiency and profitability.  The problem for most Comcast business customers is that Comcast has setup the other calling features on their phone line in a way that directly clashes and conflicts with the Call Transfer feature, causing the Call Transfer feature to not work correctly or not work at all.

If you’re using Comcast phone service for your business and need support with resolving problems with your Call Transfer feature, contact Gr8r Technology to get the missing support you need today!  To learn more, click on the links below.

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