September 19, 2011


Small business owners who choose Comcast to provide phone service for their business are turning to Gr8r Technology to get all of the Virtual Auto Attendant features they need for their company.  This is because Comcast does not offer Auto Attendant in their area or they need Auto Attendant features, functionality or capabilities that they can’t get from Comcast.  Business owners and managers who can’t get everything they need from Comcast, are turning to outside sources, like Gr8r Technology.

"The Missing Piece You Need"
Auto Attendant is a popular communications tool used by small businesses across the USA for many reasons, including eliminating the cost of hiring a full time receptionist to answer the phone.  The cost and complication of the traditional auto attendant has forced many small business owners to seek other approaches to deploying auto attendant for their daily operations.  The Virtual Auto Attendant offers many advantages over the traditional auto attendant, including affordability, scalability and flexibility.  There are many different Virtual Auto Attendant services offered by various providers, making it hard for small business owners to determine which is best for their company, without the help of a consultant who is knowledgeable in this area.

There are many good reasons why Comcast business customers are deploying Virtual Auto Attendant for their daily operations, including…

• They need to give their small business a "big" business image and a more professional phone

• They’re seeking the benefits of a traditional full-time receptionist, but at a fraction of the cost.

• They don’t have a traditional phone system with a built-in auto attendant at their office.

• They want to avoid the cost and complication of buying a traditional Auto Attendant phone

• They need to upgrade their existing phone system with new features, functionality and

• They need to replace their old phone system, but don't want to invest in expensive hardware!

• They have a mobile workforce (sales reps, field techs, etc.) and need to network their mobile
   phones together!

• They have work-from-home employees who need business class functionality on their home

• They need incoming calls routed to outside locations like branch offices, home offices, cell
   phones, etc.

• They operate in a virtual environment, and need to enable their team to collaborate from various

• They’re starting a new company, or testing a new product or service idea.

The “virtual” approach to deploying an Auto Attendant offers Comcast customers many advantages over the traditional approach, including…

• NO EQUIPMENT                    
There are no phones, phone systems, phone devices, or phone accessories to buy and install.

There are no cables or wires to run, platforms to build, or computer networks to develop.

• NO SOFTWARE                     
There is no software to buy and install or any computers- you can access Virtual Auto Attendant on any computer.

• NO INTERNET            
There is no Internet requirements- Virtual Auto Attendant does not require any Internet connection to function!

• NO VOIP/IP                           
Virtual Auto Attendant is not VOIP, ensuring the highest call quality, reliability, and stability in the industry!

• NO CONTRACT                      
Virtual Auto Attendant is a month-to-month service- you can cancel at any time.

• UNIVERSAL                           
Virtual Auto Attendant works with any type phone, phone system, phone line, phone device, and carrier.

• CUSTOMIZATION                   
Virtual Auto Attendant is customized according to your preferences, requirements and specifications.

• PHONE INTERFACE              
You can access, control, and operate your Virtual Auto Attendant from any phone, anytime and anywhere.

• WEB INTERFACE                  
You can access and control your Virtual Auto Attendant from any computer, anytime and anywhere.

• AFFORDABLE                       
You only pay a small monthly fee instead of spending thousands of dollars on equipment.

Virtual Auto Attendant can easily be scaled up or down without any cost, hassle or long waiting periods.

• ADAPTABLE                         
Virtual Auto Attendant is adaptable to any new and emerging voice & fax communications technologies.

• USER FRIENDLY                   
Virtual Auto Attendant is very intuitive, easy and simple to use, eliminating the need for IT personnel.

• CONVENIENT                        
Virtual Auto Attendant is a hosted service- equipment maintenance and upgrades are handled for you.

If you are a Comcast customer, consult with Gr8r Technology to get the ideal Virtual Auto Attendant from the best provider for your business.  We'll help you with the design, deployment, integration, and implementation, ensuring you get the results your business needs and deserves.  Click on one of the links below to learn more…


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